Friday, October 26, 2012

Project Blue Beam

This project was another one of the crazy ideas Ronald Reagan came up with. The basic idea of this plot is that NASA and other agencies have been working on the project. This is one of the Illuminati plans for the new world order. The method they where going for was lots of civil unrest so they can have people ask the government to protect.

If only there was some outside threat,like aliens 
If this project took off the ground it would play off the religious beliefs of most of the major religions. For the christian a giant hologram of Jesus ordering them to a holy war,and the same with Islam just instead of Jesus it was going to be Muhammad. On top of doing the hologram they where going to stage a fake a reckoning for everyone. Those set in certain areas who meet a certain criteria would be kidnapped in the panic caused by the hologram and would make the majority of people think that end times really where going on. There was also a proposal before the war in Iraq that the army wanted to use this project to get the people to rise up and overthrow Saddam Hussein. The other plan was to stage an alien invasion to make the remaining people scared and as well as way to shuffle them off as well. The other part of this whole thing is that pushers of this believe that the world leaders will start committing with each via telepathy. That way any potential rebels wouldn't be able to pick up on their plans.

It seems like this basic idea would be tough on a large scale like a planet 
Skeptics of this theory ask what kind of technology would be needed for such a plan to happen. The also point out the size of the group conspiracy would have to be to make it happen. It would have to be not just world leaders but their advisers, the military, personal, even police officers. There is an old saying that three can keep a secret if two of them are dead. This hold true with conspiracies. The more people who know about something the greater the likely hood of the secret getting leaked. There is also very little evidence to prove that this test made it very far. There is a real good possibility that this was scraped like the Star Wars project and the bat bomb in 1945.

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