Thursday, January 17, 2013

Vampires are Illuminati

In recant times there has been a new trend (well a new take on an old trend) and that is the romantic vampire. Granted a lot of times when one reads a vampire novel there tends to be a theme like that that pops up now and than but again it's not that these old world vampires are trying to start up a loving relationship with a scary looking chick but more or less them remembering what being human was like. Twilight and True Blood however are painting an image that demons can be loving and caring humans. Let's break down this whole thing. Besides the myths found throughout the world of blood sucking demons let's take a look at the first vampire story to ever become popular Dracula. While loosely based on Vlad the Impaler the over all story is an allegory for STDs. At the time it was written alot of people had a fear of vampires and STDs where starting to be noticed. The romantic side of the story is more to sum up the predator than a loving creature. In fact when you look at the overall genre you could even say that the vampire is symbolic of the Illuminati A group of aristocratics who hold mascarades and orgies, bathe in the blood of those they feel Superior to and control governments from the shadows to further their hidden agenda. Abraham Lincoln Vampire hunter shows this point almost to the T. The basic back story of the vampires in the film is that they control the Confederacy from the shadows and want to expand their empire to the full United States. The slaves provide them with constant food and Jefferson Davis is just a puppet for the group. Also when the vampires show their true nature they transform into demons. Which according to the real myth is what a vampire is supposed to be. Even the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice has this over tone to it. Which now brings me to Twilight. I'm going to sum this up as quick as I can. The movies go something like this; We're not demons, sparkle in the sun and fall in love with boyish looking girls. While there is a steady following for this kind of trash it misses the point entirly. In order for vampires to live they must feed on the blood of humans. The Illuminati feeds on the misfortune of those lower than them. Both need one another but it is by far not an even playing field. Another similarity is that most of the time when you see a vampire lair it seems almost like two steps from an all out orgy breaking out. While someone who thinks about it a little can see the down side to being a male vampire in this case it mimics the mascardes generally associated with the elite Illuminati club. Anyone who has watched Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut knows exactly what I'm talking about. For those of you who don't know the film I'l sum it up real quick. A rich man wants to join an elite club but keeps getting rejected for it. After he runs into an old friend he finds out the secret location of one of the house parties this club does. He sneaks in and sees more than he should have which cases torment until the end of the film. The same thing that kind of happens to humans when they find a vampire den. So my theory is this. The Illuminati came up with the Twilight series in order to trick younger generations into not knowing the they are vampires in human form.

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