Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Reptilian Elite Ruling Class

Slowing down the film of politicians one can see the shift

This is one of the more interesting of the theories out there. The basics of this one are as follows. An interdemsional race of shaping shifting reptiles control planet earth. Their bases are located under the earth and the ruling elite of the globe are all related to each other and are hybrids of reptile and humans.

They did already a long time ago
Propenants of this theory point to ancient cultures to back it up. They believe that the early rulers of humans where descendants of the first reptiles to find our planet. In order to maintain power rulers had to have both human and reptile DNA. Theorists compare pictures of the last couple of presidents the USA had and believe that ancient statues show Obama and his family as well as the bushes.

This theory most of the time ties into the Hollow Earth Theory. The first person to bring this up and really push the theory is David Ike. Ike spends his time writing about the reptilian race and giving lectures about them. He has such a following that he completely supports not just himself but also can travel and continue his research.
How David Ike really spends his days

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