Friday, October 26, 2012

Phantom Time

Better watch time or it may just slip away from you
This one is a little bit on the strange side and it is also something that most in the science community consider this to be a pseudo science. As for the average person, most people have never even heard of this and for those who have it affects their day to day life very little. It still is a pretty interesting idea tho especially for a conspiracy blog like this one. As with all of these posts its up to you to make up your own mind. I'm just trying to put down both sides of the argument. Please fell free to leave some comments expressing your view points on this subject. I believe in freedom of speech so you can post anything you want just be ready for me to comment back.

The infamous Mayan calendar
The way humans first tried to measure time was through the use of calenders. By using calenders farmers where able to measure the change in the seasons. This helped out farming communities by being able to keep track of when they can go crops and when they need to brace for a winter. Calendars can change depending on the culture you look at. Most people in the Muslim world use a lunar calendar while the Mayans used a calender that tracked not just days, months, and years but also what they called ages. So when they would reach the end of one age they start at the first calendar and start all over again. The most commonly used calendar is what is known as the Gregorian calendar. Most of the world uses this one for international trade since it is one of the simplest ones to use.
The lunar calender used by the Muslim World

This actually happened 1176 according to theory
Proponents of phantom time say that the Gregorian calendar is off by about three thousand years and the the years 600-900 don't actually exist. According to theorists we are actually in the year 1776 instead of the year 2012. For these people this misrepresentation of the time means that all of history needs to be re-dated and the question whether the events that happened between 600 and 900 where actually real or they where just made up to fill in the space. Theorists use a few different examples to try and prove this point. One of which is the Julian calendar made by Julies Caesar. The calendar itself wasn't made until a hundred years after his famous death. They also think that Charlemagne wasn't a real person on the grounds that the years of his rein are not real years at all.

Otto II
For the people who believe in this theory their driving force isn't what needs to be replaced or what events need the correct but the reasoning for why such a gross in accuracy took place in the first place. One theory is that Emperor Otto II made this change so that his kingdom would be the year 1000 cause it sounded better than the actual date. Another school of thought is that the Roman Emperor Constantine made the mistake when he started rewriting Byzantine history for his own ends. Theorists also believe that the reason why it's been covered up is the fear of civil unrest. When England adopted the standard calender the nation lost 11 days. While in reality this didn't have to much effect on day to day life the peasant class at the time thought the royalty had stolen time off their lives and an armed revolt ended up taking place not that it did much or last that long.

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