Sunday, January 20, 2013

William Cooper vs. Alex Jones

In the world of battle of the wits one that not many people know about is the fight between conspiracy guru William Cooper and Alex Jones. Alex Jones has become popular with his web site Prison Planet and his infowar franchise. William Cooper wrote the now bible of conspiracy theories known As Behold a Pale Horse. Behold a Pale Horse has everything from moon bases, the protocols of the wise men of Zion, to the New World Order.

The two feuded when William Cooper called Jones a "bold face lair" and exposed how infowars operates.Claiming that Alex Jones is a Vatican gatekeeper pushing Jesuit agenda in the United States this conflict lead to many infowars members such as Mark Dice splitting off and speaking out against Alex Jones giving him the nickname of Judas.

People involved with this mini-civil war have spent many hours trying to expose Alex Jones. One case that pops up a lot when someone looks into this feud bring up another Alex Jones feud one with a Dr. Judy Wood. Alex has been credit both by himself and other people as being the founder of the 9/11 truth movement even tho Dr. Wood was the first to start pushing for questions about the incident.

William Cooper decided to go after Alex Jones after he listened to a few broadcasts and thought they where being used to incite people into a frenzy. This frenzy would be the people firing the first shot against the powers and justifying them taking action against them. Alex has meet with each acustion with his side and even to this day people still call up the show and ask him about the Cooper incident as well as trying to find holes in his story. Alex calls the incident patriot radio infighting and calls Cooper the UFO guy who claims to have seen video of Jesus that aliens shot.

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