Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Temple of Set

In many circles it is widely believed that many different satanic groups have been working on gaining control of not just the USA but also the world. One of the more popular ones is known as the Temple of Set. The Temple of Set is a splinter group off of Anton LaVey's Church of Satan. While this one may not be one of the largest of the groups that emerged from the church's change in 1975 it still consists of a couple hundred members.

The leadership of the group consists of one main leader with a council of nine that act as advisers for the current leader.This is different from the Church of Satan where there is only one supreme leader.

The group on top of its close links to the old Egyptian religions also has a fascination with the Nazi movement. At times members of the group will show up to meetings wearing WW2 uniforms and tend to borrow certain aspects from the Thule society.

The group's original members hailed from many different areas of the intelligence community the most notable being the group's founder Michael A. Aquino. Aquino had ties to many different branches and also recruited members from gangs such as the Hell's Angels. Recruiting from gangs lead to the group becoming more violent which eventually put them on a watch list.

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