Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tupac and the Illuminati

The east coast west coast rap feud with Tupac and the Notorious BIG was a blight on the music scene. When the feud took the life of both stars numerous interviews with Pac talking about the Illuminati and the double lives that the elite of this sub-culture live. The way Tupac came across the Illuminati goes like this while serving time he was told by a few inmates about this secret society called the Illuminati who controlled most of the music scene. Skeptical at first Pac began to research this more and came to the conclusion that this inmate was right. He compared what he found in research to his own experiences and found that he was being used as a pawn by this group. He created the alias Machiavelli and released an album called Killumaniti. He became a vocal credit of the group and people he worked with (including a disturbing story about Quincy Jones). In an attempt to silence him the east/west coast feud was born and took his life in the end as well as his friends.

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