Monday, January 14, 2013

Occult Rituals

There has been a long standing theory the many different occult groups work in secret to control the path of humans. This theory includes children sacrifice as well as live rituals disguised as artistic performance  This post is going to list and explain a couple of the more popular ones with in this sub-group.

Ritual of Lilith
According to lore Lilith was Adam's first wife. Being flawed she was cast out and became a vampire like demon. Often refereed to as the Black Madonna  this ritual falls into the sub-group popularized by "the most evilest man on earth" Alexister Crowely known as sex magic. This is one of the oldest practiced forms of magic and the ritual is used for personal gain.

Cremation of Care
This ceremony came to light when Alex Jones from info wars snuck into one of the yearly gatherings at a place that has become known as a playground for the powerful, Bohemian Groove. This is a mock human sacrifice down in play like manner that starts of the week long camping trip for the powerful on vacation. The reason for this is for the people watching it to be able to leave the stress of their days behind and just enjoy themselves without any out side interference

In Plain Site
Many people believe most of these rites are carried out in front of the majority of people. By keeping these practices secret and out in the open it gives the spells or incantations more power. Many think the Super Bowl performance that Madonna gave was a rite to encourage and give power to this secret groups. It goes on that any artist who wants to be a part of it must beg to be on the inside. Lady Gaga's song Bad romance is her asking to join and Kiesha's Die Young is in the same boat.

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