Friday, January 18, 2013

Obama Theory

For some reason every likes to attack Obama more than any other president. Aside from the blame game that people like to do there have been many conspiracy theories that have been spun about the commander and chief. Today were going to touch base on a few of them.

1. Obama is a Muslim

In a country where the most popular religion is christaninty heaven forbid another faith holds power of any kind. That being said this outlandish claim has been made time and time again. Many even trying to link him in with radical groups like the Muslim brotherhood. Youtube has been flooded with numerous videos trying to prove this point.

2.Obama is not from the United States

This one was spread with a lot of help from Donald Trump. Sadly however the birth certifique that everyone said was non-exsistance was made public but that hasn't stopped people from saying it is fake.

3.Obama comes from a line of Egyptian Royalty

This one is a bit on the outlandish side. It goes something like this the world leaders are all clones of a line of Egyptian rulers who have been calling the shots since the start. Theorists of this point to the royal families of Europe and even go as far as putting pictures of the president next to statues found in pyramids.

4.Obama is going to turn the United States into Nazi Germany

This is one of those theories that is always thrown out there with the name of the leader changing each time. Members of the Tea Party have been using this as a rally cry since the group was first formed. Theorists point to sketchy meetings, false flags and some even go as far as to claim reptilian activity.

5. Obama is a Socialist

This one is a new variation off of the fascist one. Theorists of this school of thought point to the bailouts and healthcare reform as the clean signs that this is the truth of the matter. The documentary Obama 2016 Love Him Hate Him you don't know him is all about this theory and even puts its own unique spin on it by adding anti-colonial views into the mix.

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