Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Denver Airport Theory

One of the newer theories to come out is that the Denver Airport is in reality a secret base for the New World Order. Theorists point out certain symbols found throughout the airport. First built in 1995 it was smaller than the one previously there. It had less runways than the old one but yet it has more space than one would think. The few runways the airport does have over lock with each other to make a large swastika.

When one walks in they see a plaque dedicated to the New World Air Commission even tho there has never been such a group nor do there seem to be any planes for this to become a reality. The main thing that theorists like to point is the murals throughout the air port. The images are sometimes graphic in nature showing an authoritarian type person suppressing a mass of people. Below are a few examples.

Theorists go on to point out that one of the main sponsors of this airport invented a new form of hepatitis known as Australian Antigen and a plaque on a floor that says AUAG is actually a praise to this new disease  while the airport itself claims it means gold and silver. Theorists also believe that the air port leads to an underground military base that has numerous holding and integration cells within itself.

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